About Us

ABOUT US – Hi there, we are Indonesian Recipes Team.  Let us introduce ourself.  First things first, WE LOVE food.  Phew, got that off of my chest. We also chef, student, and traveller…ya! Travelling! Travelling around the world to study various menus and recipes from many countries and combine it with Indonesian taste.

Our love of cooking didn’t happen until we met each other to realize that we love cooking! We made it a goal that year to learn all We could about cooking, food and, recipes especially in Indonesia.  We read cookbooks like they were novels and watched cooking show after cooking show on Food Network.  In all of our experimenting and studying, We found our real passion which is creating and writing our own recipes.  In 2004, we started entering cooking competitions on a whim, and had a blast competing in competitions of all kinds for a few years.

Indonesian Recipes Team started as just a baby late in 2014 and has grown to be more fun than we had imagined. This is a place where We share not only recipes for the kids but for adults too. We love writing various recipes since this is the phase of life We’re in right now. We know how boring the same recipes can get week after week, so it is our goal to provide new and exciting dishes to bring to your kitchen tables.

Thanks for visiting, hope you’ll come back soon.


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