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DELICIOUS FRUITS YOGURT RECIPE – Many yogurt recipes have been made recently, from the simplest one to the most difficult one such as Tropical Fruits Yogurt, Avocado with Fruits Recipe, and Fruit Yogurt Smoothie Recipe as we have provided earlier. But people always like to taste it because yogurt is very good for our healthy. Like adult, children also need it for their health. To handle this, moms should have a brilliant idea to serve yogurt for their children in order to make it more interesting. One of the simple way is by mixing yogurt and some delicious fresh fruits that your child like called Delicious Fruits Yogurt recipe as described below.


  • 200 ml strawberry yogurt
  • 100 g papaya, round sliced
  • 100 g melon, round sliced
  • 1 Ambon banana, sliced


  1. Put all the ingredient in the serving glass.
  2. Pour it with the strawberry yogurt.
  3. Now Delicious Fruits Yogurt is ready to give to your child.

Note: Make approximately 2 glasses.

Avoid to give popcorn, nut, hard and small candy, or any food that haven’t been cut to children under 4 years old because those kind of foods may make your children choke.



Calorie     : 125 Cal

Protein     : 5.3 g

Calcium   : 15.6 mg


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