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EARL GREY ICE TEA RECIPE – It is an earl grey tea beverage with cinnamon, orange’s peel, and some other ingredients. Enjoy the following Earl Grey Ice Tea recipe.


  • 4 cm cinnamon
  • 2 sachets of earl grey tea
  • 2 tbsp lemon water
  • 1 l water
  • 75 g sugar
  • Iced cubes


  1. Put the cinnamon, tea, lemon water, orange peel, and water into a pan. Cook at a low heat until boiled.
  2. Add the sugar, stir, and taste it. If it is less sweet, you can add more sugar as you like. Keep stirring until the sugar dissolved, remove from the heat, set aside until cool. Strain.
  3. Prepare 4 serving glasses, put iced cubes into it. Pour cold tea into the glasses.
  4. Decorate with lime’ slice and cinnamon. Serve it.


www.Indonesian-Recipes.com | EARL GREY ICE TEA RECIPE

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