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PEARL MELON ICE RECIPE – There are many sweet, refreshing, and healthy beverages that we can enjoy in a hot weather or in Ramadan. Those kinds of beverages can help our body get freshness of course. One of the examples of those beverages is Pearl Melon Ice which made of shaved yellow melon, peeled and shaved cucumber, passion fruit, water, sugar water, and iced cubes. It looks very refreshing and tasty. With simple ingredients that are easy to find in the market, you can practice to make it at home. If you want to try it at home then you should see the Pearl Melon Ice Recipe below. Enjoy your time.
70 g yellow melon, shaved
½ cucumber, peeled and thrown away its seeds
1 passion fruit, taken its seeds
50 ml water
Sugar water
Iced cubes
Shave the cucumber in elongated shape, place into the serving glass.
Add the shaved yellow melon and passion fruit seeds then add the ice cubes, sugar water, and water. You can decorate according your taste.
Pearl Melon Ice is now ready to taste.
Note: Make approximately 1 serving.



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