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SWEET MERA MELON RECIPE – Do you know about Sweet Mera Melon Recipe? Let us give you a simple explanation about it. In Ramadan, we are suggested to take Iftar with something sweet. Besides dates and kolak, many fresh and sweet beverages are suggested to enjoy. Many variants of fresh and sweet of both traditional and modern beverages are really tantalized to enjoy in Iftar. One of the fresh and sweet beverages that can be made is Sweet Mera Melon. It combines some delicious and fresh fruits such as yellow melon, longan fruit, jelly, raspberry syrup, etc. so interesting right? Are you curious to know how to make it? Now take a look at the following recipe of Sweet Mera Melon.


  • 75 g yellow melon, thickly chopped
  • 6 longan fruit, peeled
  • 5 round black jelly
  • 50 ml raspberry syrup
  • Iced cubes
  • Cold water


  1. Put the longan fruit, round black jelly, and chopped yellow melon into the serving glass. Add the iced cubes.
  2. Pour the fruits mixture with raspberry syrup and cold water, stir then you can decorate it as you like.
  3. Sweet Mera Melon is ready to be served.

Note: Make approximately 1 glass.


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