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DURIAN PANCAKE PASTEL RECIPE – Durian is a seasonal tropical fruit in Southeast Asia which regarded as the “King of Fruit“. It has a strong odor and is high in vitamin C. Durian has very distinctive and penetrating scent which people either love it, or disgust by it. Though you might not like its scent, but tasting it perhaps can be entirely different experience and feeling to you.

For this time, we present durian pancake pastel recipe for you. In Indonesia, pastel refers to pie of crust made of thin pastry filled with meat, vegetables, rice vermicelli, and sometimes egg. This recipe can be a good start to learn of how to make various pancake. It is consumed as snack and commonly sold in Indonesian traditional markets.

Let’s take a look at this simple delicious snack recipe.

DURIAN PANCAKE PASTEL RECIPE | www.Indonesian Recipes.com

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  • Pancake crust dough

Filling ingredients

  • 300 grams durian flesh
  • 100 grams whipped cream


  1. Using frying pan with diameter 10 cm, pour ± 25 gr pancake dough, flatten to thin. Remove and set aside. Repeat this first step until no dough left.
  2. Ham a piece of pancake crust in small pastel print. Smear with thick whipped cream, and after that smear with durian flesh. Fold the printing while pressing until the edge of the crust shaped a pastel motif. Remove and set aside. Repeat this step until no crust left.
  3. Keep pancake pastel in the freezer for about 1 hour until solid in texture.
  4. Durian pancake pastel is ready to be served.

For 15 servings.

What is benefit of consuming Durian fruit? Durian covers about 20% of your daily needs for carbohydrates. It’s also excellent at keeping your regular. Because it’s high in fat and calories means it’ll fill you up. Durian fruit is high in vitamin C, quite a bit of vitamin B, iron and copper, and potassium that helps control blood pressure, keep your sodium levels in check, and helps regulate your heart rate.

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