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9 BEST CURRY RECIPES – Curry has two definitions: as a blend of ground spices including cayenne or red pepper, coriander, cumin, and turmeric and as a term used to describe any dish, such as chicken curry or lamb curry, made with a combination of some ingredients. It has thick gravy and delicious flavor which is indeed a good menu for the whole family.

As an original dish from India, curry uses so many spices such as; coriander, turmeric, pepper, chili powder, paprika, cumin, cinnamon, star anise, fennel, and cloves. And this time we brought to you 12 best collections of Indonesia curry recipes.


9 BEST CURRY RECIPES | www.Indonesian Recipes.com

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This time, we brought rich chicken recipe for you. In Indonesia, chicken curry is always be a main menu choice on some religious celebration days like Ied Al-Fitr, Ied Al-Qubro, and Christmas. This curry consists of rich chicken stewed flavored with ginger, garlic, chili peppers and a variety of spices including coriander and cumin which create an authentic flavor in the rich chicken curry.


9 BEST CURRY RECIPES | www.Indonesian Recipes.com

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Wonderful dish. Simple, yet delicious. Lamb curry is also easy to put together.  The recipe contains shallots, garlic and ginger which create an authentic flavor in the tender lamb curry. When we look at its history, just like curry, lamb curry is a typical cuisine from India. The recipe was then enjoyed in some area of South Asian, Arab, Malaysia and other Malay regions. In Indonesia, the first place where the recipe made is Aceh and then spread to all the regions of Indonesia. In Aceh, lamb curry are enjoyed with roti canai, roti jala and more. Because the lamb recipe is a original cuisine from Asia, it has a strong flavor from mixed spices.


9 BEST CURRY RECIPES | www.Indonesian Recipes.com

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You may find chicken, beef or goat meat cooked with spices as the main ingredients to serve curry, but this time is different. You could use squid in this curry recipe. Squid as food have a number of ways to prepare in different ways in different countries. It can be grilled or fried either plain or battered or served with a choice of dips, squids are simply fascinating! When you add squids to different recipes, it will never fail to displease your taste buds. For your information,  it only takes some minutes to cook squid because if too long,  it might be lengthy chewy bites, hard swallow, or rubbery over done.



9 BEST CURRY RECIPES | www.Indonesian Recipes.com

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You don’t need to worry, this vegetable curry recipe from us is so practical. Compared to lamb curry, chicken curry, or fish curry, spices and coconut milk in curry vegetables are usually much lighter. In addition, vegetables are cooked much faster so it needs only a short time to cook. With combination of some spices, vegetables curry will give a different taste in your meal. This recipe can be consumed for all ages and it is even vegetarian friendly. It has a warm, rich flavour and is very filling! 


9 BEST CURRY RECIPES | www.Indonesian Recipes.com

So many benefits can be derived from cassava, from the roots, tubers, stems and leaves. High carbohydrate content makes a lot of people use it as a substitute for rice substitute menu. Cassava leaves also contain isoflavones that can be used as a drug to treat stroke. Vitamin C content in cassava leaves which is quite widely used as an enhancer of endurance. One of enjoying cassava leaves is by making a healthy curry menu from the leaves of cassava.


9 BEST CURRY RECIPES | www.Indonesian Recipes.com

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For those of you who has limited time, but must cook meals for your family, you can serve some meals menu with instant seasoning. One of the instant seasoning you can use is curry seasoning. With instant seasoning curry and some additional seasoning, like lemongrass, salam leaves, you can make shrimp curry as perfect breakfast idea for your lovely family.


9 BEST CURRY RECIPES | www.Indonesian Recipes.com

Jackfruit is a source of calories. Some essential minerals and nutrients are also contained in jackfruit, such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C. There are also mineral content contained in fruit, they are magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and zinc. Young jackfruit can be cooked as a mixture of a variety of vegetables, or cooked to be gudeg, gulai nangka, sayur lodeh. Here’s one recipe to cook young jackfruit as vegetables, namely gulai nangka muda or young jackfruit coconut curry.


9 BEST CURRY RECIPES | www.Indonesian Recipes.com

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A delicious menu of meat and potatoes cooked with yellow curry can you get from the following recipe.


9 BEST CURRY RECIPES | www.Indonesian Recipes.com

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Perhaps for some people who never heard about tempoyak will have some questions related of what tempoyak actually is. Tempoyak is salty condiment made of fermented durian. And do you know what? Tempoyak can be a food seasoning. There are so many food recipes can be made using tempoyak as the ingredient, for instances gulai or curry, tempoyak sauce, and pepes tempoyak. This time we will present you a recipe with iridescent shark as the main ingredients which cooked with tempoyak.

There are many types of chicken curry in South East Asia. Different countries, as well as the different communities within these countries, produce variations of the curry. Indonesia best curry recipes presented today are super simple and the flavors of the different spices make the dishes really authentic. Perfect blend of spices, never fails to impress and deeee-licious! Perhaps it will be one of the tastiest curries you ever made.  We hope you will definitely make the recipe many more times. Cheers.



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