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CLASSIC RAINBOW PUDDING RECIPE – As its name, this pudding has combination of some colors like rainbow. You can also use the colors combination that you like. This dessert can be served in your table as one of food in Eid day. This sweet pudding is very simple to make. Do you feel curious about this sweet pudding recipe and want to make it at home? You can follow our Classic Rainbow Pudding below. Enjoy it.

  • 1 pack of chocolate gelatin powder (for the bottom layer)
  • 1 pack of white gelatin powder (for the middle layer)
  • 1 pack of red gelatin powder (for the top layer)
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder (for the chocolate layer)
  • 150 g sugar
  • Salt
  • 800 ml milk


  1. Put the chocolate gelatin powder, cocoa powder, sugar, and salt in a pan. Pour milk a little by little while you keep stirring on the same direction until all blended.
  2. Cook at a medium heat while you have to keep stirring until boiled. Cook until well cooked and fragrant. Remove from the heat, pour into a mold which has been soaked with water first.
  3. Let the pudding frozen.
  4. Make the second layer with the same steps like the steps above. Then pour into the top of the chocolate layer. Keep on doing the same thing until all the ingredients finished.
  5. Store in the refrigerator until the serving time. Serve it together with vanilla sauce.


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