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GRILLED RECIPESIt’s summer and you don’t have to eat only hamburgers or hot dogs for few months. Because whether it is summer or winter, they are made for grilling. Even though commonly a warm weather activity, many people enjoy grilling year round. Sure. When it comes to menu planning, the fantastic grilled dish features tender and juicy meats are sure to be a winner with family and friends. Yes, basically, everything you can imagine can be cooked by the smoke and heat of a grill often comes up with amazing results. Steaks, chicken chops and fish are tastier on the grill.

Grilling actually can also be a healthier option to other cooking methods such as pan frying, deep frying and stir-frying. When you grill, you eat less fat because on the grill the fat cooks off.; It falls right through the grates. In addition, tossing a meat over a fire can preserve more riboflavin and thiamine which play a vital role in a healthy diet. Meanwhile, when you fry food, you essentially cook it in its own fat. The fat has nowhere to go and is eventually re-absorbed by the meat.

Finally, we’ve got these healthy grilled fish, duck, and chicken recipes ideas to last you all summer and winter long. If you don’t own a grill, now just might have a time to give it a try. Take a look at our 5 favorite grilling recipes and you’ll see what I mean.



GRILLED RECIPES | www.Indonesian Recipes.com

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The fragrant aroma fills the room when grilled chicken rice is cooked. Can you imagine the delicious taste of grilled chicken rice? Check the recipe out.



GRILLED RECIPES | www.Indonesian Recipes.com

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Want to try menu with delicious duck as the main ingredient? Here grilled duck recipe with pandan leaf you can try.



GRILLED RECIPES | www.Indonesian Recipes.com

Grilled chicken with coconut milk is a good choice for your dinner’s idea.



GRILLED RECIPES | www.Indonesian Recipes.com

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Besides has a good taste, grilled fish also contains lots of protein and nutrients that are considerably needed by our body. You, guys, just relax, because the ways of how to make the grilled fish recipe with sweet soy sauce we brought to you today is practical than other fish recipes. It’s very simple. Perhaps you are not much of a fish lover but when you make this recipe, it’s definitely be a winner with family and friends.



GRILLED RECIPES | www.Indonesian Recipes.com

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There is a yummy sensation while  enjoying a menu of grilled chicken with tomato sauce. The chicken meat containing frying shrimp mixed with black olives, olive oil, and garlic tastes so good.

A little note for you guys, how to grill and cook the meat should also be heeded. Before grilling, the meat should be seasoned beforehand and let stand for a few hours to allow the spices to absorb deeper. In addition, pay attention to the way the meat grilled. During the grilling, the meat must be turned on the both sides while smearing the seasoning. Cheers.


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