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SPICY EKADO ABON RECIPE – Have you ever heard about ekado or abon? Abon is shredded meat that has been boiled and fried using special spices. Ekado is food made of chopped fish, wheat flour, and some spices. Both ekado and abon are delicious to taste together with rice. Here, we will give you a combination of ekado and abon named Spicy Ekado Abon Recipe. Want to try by yourself at home? Here is the recipe of Spicy Ekado Abon.


  • 100 pieces eggroll crust
  • 300 g spicy beef abon
  • 4 eggs white
  • 750 ml TROPICAL vegetable oil


  1. Cut the eggroll crust into 4 cuts.
  2. Take a piece of the eggroll crust, put the spicy beef abon in the middle of it.
  3. Spread the egg white circling in the eggroll crust around the spicy beef abon.
  4. Unite all the eggroll crust tips to be pouch shaped. Do the same thing until all the ingredients used up.
  5. Heat up the TROPICAL vegetable oil, deep fry the spicy ekado abon at the medium heat until dry, crispy, and slightly golden. Remove from the heat and drain.
  6. Store the Spicy Ekado Abon in the air-proof container.


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